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Passion – A Key to Your MLM Home Based Business Success

As a veteran network marketer and business owner who has walked the trail of tears, I am weary of the lies and deceit that pervades the industry.

Too many people join a MLM home based business based on the promise of wealth and fortune alone. They enroll with the simple idea that all they have to do is “sign up three who will get three who get three”. The concept sounds so simple that they jump right in, and after a short period of time, quit because “the system” didn’t work for them.

While MLM home based businesses have various compensation plans, the traditional MLM model of “three who get three who get three” is an example I am using here. It is a simple business model that looks easy to do. Simply, it is a business template that a company implements to help the company’s representatives market the company’s products and grow their business. The process of building a MLM home based business requires much more effort and desire to succeed than is seen on the surface.

While it’s true that there is potential to make a lot of money in this industry, it is also true that it takes time and effort to envision the opportunity as an ongoing journey. When people join a MLM home based business solely because of the promise of wealth and fortune, it doesn’t take long before they are checking out and are never heard from again. The reason? Greed is not a long-term motivator. Most want to get rich quick and when that doesn’t happen, they quit.

A Key to Success

In my opinion, a key to succeeding in this industry is having a strong belief and passion for the company and its products or services.

It’s interesting that many sales training books don’t elaborate on the need for belief and passion to succeed in business. I believe all of the attributes of a great sales person are backed by a passion of some type. In our case, passion is an intense, extreme, or overpowering feeling for a cause represented by the company’s products or services.

The authors of sales books talk about having the right mental attitude – that is, desiring, to succeed, setting goals and achieving them, and becoming a great leader. How do you find the drive to enact these without a passion for the MLM home based business – and its products – you have chosen to build? For example, how can you have a positive mental attitude about your business without having a belief and passion for it?

Too many people are brought into a MLM home based business because of the promise of an easy business to do and a ton of money to be made in a short period of time. Oh, the products and services are presented, but the major push is on the big money that can be made.

The challenges we all face

When beginning a MLM home based business, so many challenges lie ahead. Here are just a few that a new owner may confront:
· Complacency – many new business owners never get started. They are afraid they don’t know enough or don’t know where or how to start
· Anxiety and fear about sharing the business or the products and services to people, including friends and family – becoming a secret agent of the business. What will they think about me?
· Fear of rejection – a “no” for some people is a nail to the heart. They would rather sleep on nails than be told “no”.
· Fear of failing – nobody likes to lose. A few “no’s”, and the very thing that’s feared actually becomes reality.
· Negative self-talk – that inner voice saying, “I told you this wouldn’t work. What were you thinking, joining this business anyway?”
· Lack of strong leadership – another reason many people fail in a home-based business. No leadership and guidance means trying to do something that has never done before and doing it right the first time. That isn’t likely to happen.
· Giving up – it doesn’t take long for the new business partner to say, “Maybe this business isn’t for me. It just didn’t work out.”

When a person starts a MLM home based business for the wrong reasons — primarily greed, wealth and fortune, and the desire to get rich quickly — then all of the aforementioned factors will have an adverse affect.

When enrolling because of belief in the company, the MLM home business owner often has very positive experiences with the products and services offered and becomes a passionate evangelist for those products and the company. Add to that a strong leadership team that keeps the business owner plugged into the latest news and product information; teaches solid skills training; and consistently gives positive feedback and encouragement, a strong belief and passion slowly will begin to develop. This will go a long way in enabling endurance for the many challenges that lie ahead.

Passion will make a difference

Look at what can happen when belief and passion for the products and services are the key reasons for signing up for the MLM home based business opportunity:

· Because belief and passion are so high with the products and services, the business owner is compelled to share them with friends and family; thus, no longer operating like a secret agent.
· When belief and passion are the driving forces within the business owner, complacency no longer exists. Likewise, issues that once were barriers to getting started are now banished.
· Knowing that the fundamental purpose in any business is to “show and tell” the company’s products and services, the business owner understands that everyone does not have the same feelings about what is offered; everyone is not the niche prospect. He markets accordingly, letting the prospect be the one to decide if the products and services are right for him, and knowing that a “no” to the offer is not a personal rejection.
· Understanding that the mission of sharing the business and the difference it can make in the life of another person, the business owner discovers that the fear of failure and negative self-talk disappear when leading with passion.
· No matter how slow the start, the business owner understands that quitting is not an option, that owning a business is a long-term mission and there’s no challenge too big to conquer.

In all of the years I have been involved in MLM home based businesses, I have yet to see anyone climb to the top of the mountain and stay there for the long-term without a belief and passion. Oh, yes, I have seen people — through the passion of getting rich quickly — climb to the top, but it is built upon greed and not upon sound principles. Their business is built like a house of cards and in a short period of time, many fall apart.

It is imperative that anyone desiring to build a MLM home based business for the long run must have a passion for the company and its products and services. That passion will attract others who also want to be a part of the marketing campaign. They, too, will embrace the owner’s passion, and this will drive them to success, too.

Check out the top leaders who have been with a company for many years. Their passion for what they do will be evident. It is rare to find anyone at the top for any length of time just because they saw the money.

So, it is necessary that a potential home business owner — before signing up with any MLM home based business — must research the company to make sure it is all that is written about it. It is essential to use the products and services for a period of time to make sure that there is a positive experience with them. Check out the leadership and make sure they have the experience and a system that will insure success. And, finally, a potential MLM home business owner must ask himself if this is a business that he can believe in and could eventually have a passion to build.

It’s only when the answer is “yes” to these questions that signing up and becoming involved with any MLM home based business opportunity should even be considered.

Too many people get into this industry for the wrong reasons and that is why they fail. Joining for the right reasons will make a huge difference in succeeding or failing. Passion is a key reason for successful growth in any business – either a present one or a future one.

A Stay at Home Mom’s Business Survival Guide – How Stay at Home Mom’s Earn Money Online

More stay at home mom’s are in business for themselves. The Internet has given parents, an opportunity to make money online while not having to put there children in daycare. With the economy and world wide recession imminent many households need a strong income coming in. Internet Business are allowing many to remain at home, while bringing in a stable and regular income. No longer are moms just raising there kids, but are also becoming top income earners within the home business industry.

Stay at home Mom’s business opportunities, and the Internet have opened doors for parents to raise their kids while still maintaining a career from home. For many the dream to be at home with their kids, while not compromising their income appears to be the perfect solution. Many agree this would be an ideal solution for many families, but it can also prove to be a trying time if you do not have the proper guide to help you with your family and your business.

How can  stay at home mom’s run a business to profit, and still maintain a happy and organized family environment. Its difficult enough to be a mom from home, then when you add a business to those responsibilities it can increase the stress within the family. But there are stay at home mom’s in business who are maintaining a happy family environment and running a successful Internet Business. The tips that many entrepreneur moms are using to run a business from home while raising their kids

Stay Home Mom’s Business Survival Guide

1.) Family Talk – When starting an Internet Business, you should have a family discussion. Tell your husband, you kids (if they are old enough to understand) why this is so important to you, and your financial situation. Get your family excited about your new Internet Business venture. Tell them the benefits that it could make to your entire family. Ask them their concerns at the beginning, and try to come up with a plan of action to make everyone feel better about the transition. Understanding some road blocks before they happen will allow you to have a plan of action to combat problems before it occurs.

2.) Schedule – Being a Stay at home mom in business gives you the capability to set your own hours, that is the appeal to so many parents upon starting an Internet Business. Every week do your best to plan your work schedule out. Having a schedule prepared out will make it easier for you to commit to work time, and the other responsibilities of being a mom. Have a schedule in your office but also include one in a central place in the home. This will help everyone to know what to expect for the week.

3.) Office Space – You should have a quiet office space that is separate from daily activity. This lets your kids, and your spouse know that when you are in this space it is work time. You want to make yourself available to your kids, but it also sets some boundaries up for you as well..

4.) Spouse Support – A change in the role of a wife can prove to be even more trying for a spouse then a child. If you have been home for a while they have expectations of you. Stay home mom’s in business, are not able to keep the same schedule as before,  new responsibilities and time to invest into earning an income will give you less time to do the things you did before. Utilize a schedule that your spouse and you can agree on. Ask for help, sometimes moms think they are super mom and think they can do it all. That’s setting yourself up for failure, ask for his help, he won’t know whats expected of him unless you ask. Good communication, can help you work together.

5.) Share Your Success – Set a goal, and when you reach that income goal reward your family. Whether a weekend getaway, a dream vacation, or a movie and dinner night, this gets the whole family excited and involved. The more you can share your success the better the kids will see the time you are devoting to your business has a positive impact on their lives as well.

6.) Quality Time – Set quality time with kids. Stay at home mom’s in business can’t forget that there family needs them. It may be more important to shut the phone downs, turn the television off, and have one on one time with them. They need reassurance that you will still have time for them. Have fun and enjoy it.  This is why you wanted to be at home with our kids.  Enjoy the benefits that a work from home business can give you.

7.) House Work – You may have to let some things go for a while. Once your new income allows it, get a house keeper. The less time cleaning the more time you can spend with your family and your business.

8.) Play Group – If you kids are young go to a play group, or if your kids are older get involved with the school. Being a stay at home mom in business you are running everything from your home. Its important to get out of the house, and meet with other moms

9.) Mom Time – Any mom whether in business or not needs some alone time. Don’t give up on the things you love most. If you like a quiet bath, or reading a book make sure to give yourself that time. The less stress you feel the happier you are. Don’t sacrifice your time, it will make fro a better family environment in the long run

10.) Involve Kids – Being a stay at home mom in business actually can create more bonding, and educational experiences. Involve them in task, whether its organizing papers, or for the older ones working on the computer let them get involved in what you are doing. Kids who live with business in their home gain a entrepreneurial mindset early on. This can be the best lesson you can give your child.

Anytime there is a change in the family dynamics it can cause an upset to kids, spouse, and moms. The most important thing stay at home mom’s in business can do for their families, and themselves to adjust to the new changes is to talk frequently about every ones feelings, and take others feelings into consideration. You have to be honest as well about what your expectations are for them as well. Stay at home mom’s in business, is actually a family event, and the more your family feels involved, and excited about the possibilities, then the less stress will incur.

Take the ten steps above and create a great family environment, while maintaining your dream to be successful online.

Top 7 Fear Factors That Prevent People From Starting a New Business

Most people love to own a business of their own and attribute various reasons for this desire. In spite of this burning desire to own and operate a business they are very hesitant to put their best foot forward and venture out. What holds them back from Starting a New Business is certain Fear Factors indicated below.

1. No Self-Confidence:

They fear treading into unknown areas they have never been before. They don’t have the confidence of grappling with new problems and new issues that are bound to arise in their business. They are negative thinkers. They are more worried about failure rather than think positively about success.

2. No Money for Investment:

Since money plays a major role in starting a new business, it is important that you find ways and means of obtaining the money. The fear that hovers over their minds all the time is that they could loose their money in the event of their business ending up in failure. Hence they are unwilling to convince others to invest in their new business venture because within their hearts they are themselves pessimistic about the success of their own venture. This same fear restrains them from obtaining loans from lending institutions as well.

3. No Knowledge and Skills:

Most people who shy away from starting a new business or enterprise often give the excuse that they don’t possess the knowledge, skills or the expertise to set up a business. One need not possess all the skills and the expertise necessary to run a business.  In fact many successful businessmen do not possess them either. You can get over this by employing people with the necessary skills to work for you or seek the advice of a business consultant. You too could upgrade your knowledge as you go along.

4. No Ideas:

Though money is not a problem to some but lack of ideas is indeed a major problem since they are unable to choose the right type of business. Identifying and choosing a Niche Business or a business that serves the need of the community should be the prime concern. If you want to be successful it is important that you do some research and set up a niche business, rather than a business that you love to do.

 5. Bad Time Management:

Have we not heard people saying, “I simply do not have the time to do my present job and my other activities, how will I ever find the time to run a business?” Running a business does not consume more time than your job. It is not a question of insufficient time but it is your time management that is at fault and needs looking into. How well you manage your time is very crucial for the success of your business.

6. Bad Temperament:

Ups and downs are inevitable in business. The fear of encountering failure and the inability to face the consequences of this frightens them. A balanced temperament that can face successes and failures equally and withstand all kinds of pressures associated with it is essential.

7. Fear of Stress:

Whether you are on an 8 to 5 Job or running your own business you can undergo stress. Stress is not confined to business alone. Unfortunately some people fear that by running a business they could be unnecessarily stressed thereby creating health and family problems. Stress can be avoided with proper time management and avoiding the tendency to procrastinate.


Paying undue attention to the above factors automatically creates a sense of fear and prevents you from giving serious thought to starting a new business. Thinking positively and associating with positive thinkers and go-getters will give you the courage motivation and confidence to take the first steps in starting a new business.